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Pattern Recoloring Services

Hello! Do you have a certain fabric collection in mind that you would like to use and kit with one of my patterns? I now offer pattern recoloring services. This service includes a full recoloring of the pattern quilt layout in the desired fabric collection. I will recolor the quilt based on what I would have done if I used the desired fabric (or you can tell me how you would like it), then you will get a printable full color PDF to use in your kits. If you would also like the full pattern recolored to match this will be an additional charge. See below for fees and additional information:

Basic: $50.00

Quilt Layout Recolor

This includes a PDF in full color swatches in the collection of your choice. This is just for the quilt layout found on the cover of the quilt. See recolor example below.

Additional $20.00 will be added if you would like the Fabric Requirements of the specific swatch prints used in the quilt layout recolor.

Advanced: $100.00

Full Pattern Recolor

This includes a PDF in full color swatches, Fabric Requirements, and a full pattern recolor of all diagrams to match the collection. All my patterns use solid color diagrams so the diagrams will not have the swatch pattern, keep that in mind.

Recolor Example
Prissy Pumpkins in Tilda Windy Days.jpg
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