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Updated: Feb 27

Hello! Did you hear that I am looking for pattern testers? If so, you’re in the right spot! I have a unique opportunity for you to test an upcoming My Sew Quilty Life quilt pattern. This pattern has not yet been released and is waiting on someone like you to make (test) it and share all the juicy details back to me, before it can be released out into the world. Now I will say, grammar is not my favorite subject, but I love designing. So, I thought it was time to start having others take a peek at my patterns to make sure they are of high quality and most importantly, make sense. I want to stay true to my brand and only release patterns that not only look good, but also are easy to follow and read. So, I need YOUR help! Below you will find a list of details and requirements, as well as, compensation for testing my patterns. Please read the whole document before committing! Happy reading!

Please note that in the event I have a lot of interest I will have to pick testers based on the quality of their feedback, photo quality, and social media following. I apologize in advance if you are not chosen at this time. Please keep in touch for future testing opportunities.

How it works:

I write a quilt pattern and then when I think it's ready for testing (usually after I have tested some blocks or the whole quilt, but not always) I send a digital PDF version of the draft pattern to my pattern testers. In return you test that the cutting instructions are correct, the piecing instructions are accurate, and that all the steps to make the entire quilt are correct and make sense. In addition, you share your thorough feedback with me, as well as photos, and share your progress and experience through social media. Below are a few guidelines I have for my pattern testers:

Commitment: Please be certain that you can commit to the timeline before accepting an invitation to test a pattern. I will share the timeline with you before you chose to test a pattern, so you can make sure it will fit into your schedule. Usually it will be a quick turn around, 2-4 weeks. I don’t want this to be stressful for you so please be honest with yourself and me.

Communication: To follow on my last guideline, the unexpected happens. Please let me know if you’re not certain that you can finish your project AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It’s ok and I won’t be mad if you let me know. I would like open communication during the testing process, you can share photos with me, tell me how it's going and where you are at. I will also release a schedule of posting opportunities so you know when you are able to post your progress and experience on social media. I like to call them “sneak peeks.”

Thoroughness: Please check every step of the pattern and make notes as you go along. Look for accuracy (especially the numbers), typos, inconsistencies, and omitted information. Let me know if a diagram just doesn’t help you understand a step, or if a diagram is not needed. Let me know if the pattern is too long or not long enough. Everything, I want the good, bad, and the ugly. I need you to be honest with me. Don’t just tell me what you think I want to hear!

Testing: Please only sew the pattern the way it is written. There are many ways to sew a quilt block and the only way I can know if the way I have written is correct is if you sew it exactly how the pattern describes it. I also don’t mind hearing other ways you think the block should be pieced.

Sewing Experience: Not all patterns have to be tested by intermediate or expert quilters, most can be tested by beginners. I’m looking for a wide range of quilters from beginners to experts. I want to hear everyone’s opinion. But again, please be honest with yourself. If you’re a slow sewer, this may not be the right fit for you. With tight deadlines, you need to be able to handle the fast paced schedule.

Fabric: In some cases I may request which fabric you use, but most of the time feel free to use any fabric you would like. Please let me know which fabrics you choose for your quilt so I can try my best to let other pattern testers know so there aren’t multiple quilts in the same fabric. Also when everyone uses different fabrics it helps others see the quilt pattern in a different way. There have been many times I didn’t care for the pattern designers fabric choice which in return swayed my opinion of the pattern, but seeing the quilt in a different color way made me fall in love with the pattern.

Photos: You must be able to take well-lit, good quality pictures of the blocks, quilt top or the finished quilt. You also must be able to share these photos with me. These photos will be shared all over my social media accounts, as well as yours, my blog, and maybe even in a magazine so please try your best to take good quality photos. Believe it or not but all of the pictures you see on my instagram are taken with my iPhone 7. I am just intentional about the pictures I am taking and when I am taking them. Remember staged pictures are great too. Don’t worry, I will tag your social media accounts if/when I do use your pictures in a social media post and you will receive full credit for your work and pictures.

Marketing: This guideline goes well with the photo guideline. You must be willing to allow me to use the pictures to market the pattern. Also, you must be willing to post on your social media accounts progress pictures only when directed by me (before the pattern release). After the pattern is released you may post whenever you would like. I like to post many teasers and I want you to be able to without revealing the whole pattern yet. You must tag @mysewquiltylife when you share the progress pictures. Also, please help me market the pattern by sharing my posts when the pattern is in progress and released.

Respect of copyright: It takes a lot of work for me to come up with the design and write the pattern. Please understand that the patterns I send to you are for your personal use. Do not copy or share the patterns with anyone.

Feedback: Finally, but most importantly, you have to be willing to share your feedback. All of it. I will have a form for you to fill out so you are able to write down every comment in an organized document so it is easy for both you and I to read.

I know you're probably thinking, wow, that’s a lot of rules, but please understand that I take my brand and designs really seriously. It is a huge step to let someone see a pattern before it is ready for others. It not only jeopardizes the risk of it getting out, but also someone stealing the design. Ok, if I haven’t lost you see below for what’s in it for you!

What’s in it for you?

I would love nothing more than to be able to pay for all of my testers materials and time, but unfortunately I would have to sell a 1,000 of each pattern in order to do so, and I’m just not there yet! One day, hopefully! But, I do want to be able to give you a little something to thank you for your time and thoroughness for testing my patterns. For testing my patterns you will get a free copy of the pattern you are testing (and the final copy when it releases), free social media marketing on all my social media accounts. You will be apart of my trusted pattern tester community and get to know when more pattern testing opportunities are available. You will get a coupon to my Etsy shop to use on one of my other patterns. Last, but not least, you will receive a $20 gift certificate to an online quilt shop. *Please note that in order to avoid people using this opportunity to get a free pattern and the perks that go with pattern testing, all compensation (minus the free pattern) will be given to you after you have completed the pattern testing, sent me your feedback and pictures, and the pattern has been released.

If you are interested in testing a pattern for me, please send me an email at with your name, social media account names (or links) and a list of designers you have previously worked for (if any). Also, send me a little something about yourself. I will save your information on my list of testers to send out upcoming quilt patterns when they are ready. I hope to hear from you soon, and I can't wait to work with you!

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