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Thank you so much for the invitation to be your guest! I'm thrilled to offer my availability and would love to discuss this further. I offer a wide range of services to support your organization or shop, including trunk shows, classes, workshops, cruises, fun meet-and-greets, and more.

​Looking to book My Sew Quilty Life for your next trunk show, class, or meet-and-greet?

Check out the pricing options and travel reimbursements below:

Please know, the travel reimbursements are an additional charge and are not included in the pricing options below. 

Travel Reimbursement:

  • Mileage @ current IRS 2024 rate of 64 cents per mile

  • Flight and luggage coverage booked by Heather (if applicable)

  • Rental car or arranged travel to and from the location (if applicable)

  • Hotel reimbursement required if outside of 125 miles from Greenville, SC

Pricing Options:

Option 1: 1.5 Hour Trunk Show - $250 (best for guilds)

Option 2: 1.5 Hour Presentation/Talk - $350 (best for guilds)

Option 3: 1.5 Hour Trunk Show + 1.5 Hour Class - $500 (best for shops)

Option 4: $500+ - Open to further discussion to support your needs! (best for shops and retreats)

Please let me know if there are any further details or arrangements I should consider. I look forward to our collaboration and the upcoming visit!

Please email to check available dates.

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