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- Flower Shop BOM -

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Do you enjoy a fun Block of the Month? I have one just for you! Introducing the Flower Shop Six-Month BOM by Heather Briggs of My Sew Quilty Life! This BOM features the new fabric collection, Dainty Meadow, from Moda Fabrics. Join me monthly starting November 2024 as we make the Flower Shop quilt. Quilt shops and Heather Briggs of My Sew Quilty Life will have BOM kits (fabric + patterns) to make the adorable Flower Shop quilt. Contact your favorite local quilt shop to see if they will be participating.


It is important to note that the Flower Shop BOM will be run differently than the Flower Stand BOM. Due to a high request from my customers and quilt shops, I have decided to offer this BOM differently, so that it can be more accessible for everyone. Included in the Flower Shop BOM kit from your local quilt shop will be the fabric to complete the entire quilt (not including backing fabric) and 6 blocks patterns and the finishing pattern. Please note, there will be no extra goodies/monthly giveaways/envelopes in the Flower Shop BOM kit like there were with the Flower Stand BOM kit. Don't worry–if you love the Ultimate BOM Experience from Flower Stand, I am excited to tell you that I have created an exclusive personalized membership experience for the Flower Shop BOM. This exclusive membership will be an optional add-on and is not necessary to participate in the Flower Shop BOM. Read more about the Flower Shop Ultimate BOM Experience below.


Flower Shop Ultimate BOM Experience: November 2024 - May 2025

Each participant will have the option to add on the Ultimate BOM Experience through My Sew Quilty Life. This experience will include video tutorials, live calls, goodies, and so much more! I wanted a way to make a more personalized and exclusive experience for the participants while allowing participants the option to participate or not. This is going to be so much fun!


What’s included in the Flower Shop Ultimate BOM Experience:

Video tutorials of each block + finishing

Video tutorials of simple applique & hand embroidery

Video tutorials of getting started and organization

Live monthly meetup calls

Live monthly envelope opening calls

Free PDF patterns coordinating with the Flower Shop BOM 

Special goody box filled with monthly curated surprises

More personalized attention throughout the BOM in the online community platform. 

Plus, savings on Flower Shop merchandise, products, and more! 


Sign up below to receive more information about the Flower Shop Ultimate BOM Experience Membership and get on the waitlist. The membership will officially be opened in November 2024, but you will be able to reserve your spot soon.

There will be a few payment options available for the membership and different ways to save!

What is included in the BOM if I do not want to participate in the

Ultimate Experience Add On?

Unfortunately, the BOM will not come with monthly envelopes, live calls, monthly giveaways, etc. But, not to worry, I will still offer a guided BOM through social media just like any BOM and it will still be interactive. The video block tutorials will be available 2 weeks after the blocks are released to those in the membership and will be available on my YouTube channel. There will still be a celebration at the end with giveaways. It will still be fun!!!


This option is great for those that want to work on the quilt at their own pace or those that do not wish to have the ultimate experience. As mentioned previously, this option was highly requested from my customers and quilt shops. This will be an experiment and we will see how this works. If it is well received we will move forward with this concept. If not, we can explore other options.

List of Participating Shops

I have compiled a list of all the shops offering Flower Shop BOM kits. I will try to keep this current, removing shops that sell out and adding new shops. Most shops are offering the kit in one full payment and a few shops as a monthly resevation. Choose the option that works best for you. The shops are in no particular order. Some shops have an online listing and other shops you will need to call to reserve your kit. Check back often. 

US Shops:

Full BOM Kits

Fat Quarter Shop

Handmade is Heartmade

My Sew Quilty Life  - Kits

Canda Shops:

Chicken Feed Quilts -Listing Coming Soon

Monthly/ Reservation or Payment Plan Kits:

Happy Little Stitch Shop

Fabric Only:


Patterns Only:

My Sew Quilty Life - Patterns Only




Shops: Let me know if you are participating and do not see your shop on this list. 

BOM Schedule

Month 1: Friday, November 8th - Kick off Celebration + Blocks 1 & 2 

Month 2: Friday, December 13th - Blocks 3 & 4 

Month 3: Friday, January 10th - Blocks 5 & 6 

Month 4: Friday, February 14th - Blocks 7 & 8 

Month 5: Friday, March 14th - Blocks 9 & 10 

Month 6: Friday, April 11th - Block 11 & Finishing Instructions 


I love a good celebration! 

On May 9th we will host a huge quilt parade and celebration. This will include prize categories, show and tell, and more. More info on this will be sent out when the time gets closer.

Please note, the schedule is subject to change if there are conflicts or delays in the fabric shipment.



Quilt Details:

Size: 75” x 75”

Level: Intermediate due to the amount of pieces

12 Block Patterns + Finishing Setting

Traditional machine piecing

Simple hand embroidery for words (preprinted panels also available) & simple hand appliqué for banners (both are optional)

6 Month BOM starts November 8, 2024 and runs until April 2025


Pattern Details:

All patterns will come on loose numbered pages with colored instructions and diagrams similar to the classic My Sew Quilty Life patterns you have grown to love. The patterns will be colored in the Dainty Meadow fabric used in the quilt. Each block pattern will be 2-4 pages, which will include the cutting instructions for each month's block. 

Fabric Requirements

Flower Shop Fabric Reqs.png
DM_76_Low Res.jpg
DM_53_Low Res.jpg
DM_26_Low Res.jpg
DM_237_Low Res.jpg


1.Why are you offering the BOM differently this time?

In order to keep the cost down of the patterns for quilt shops and customers, accommodate more participants internationally, and to offer a more personalized membership option, I decided to give this way a try. As mentioned previously, this is an experiment. If we decide we prefer the way we ran the Flower Stand BOM better, we will discuss options for future BOMs.


2. Will you offer the BOM Patterns on your site?

Yes, to meet the demand of the BOM, I will be offering the patterns as well as a limited amount of the full BOM kit (patterns & fabric). My goal is to help the quilt shops sell out of their kits first. Please purchase your kit from a quilt shop before purchasing it from my shop. ​


If you would like to purchase just the BOM patterns to use your own fabric, you can preorder just the BOM patterns from my shop. <inset link>

3. Why do I not see many monthly BOM subscriptions like Flower Stand?

Unfortunately in order to reduce the amount of cutting quilt shops would have to do to prepare kits and to not sacrifice the design of the quilt, I decided that the fabric requirements would be best suited for a precut (layer cake) with minimal additional yardage. This helps reduce the time it will take the quilt shops to prepare the kits and allow them to get them out faster. Because the fabric is a precut, most shops have chosen to offer this BOM as a full kit instead of a monthly pay as you go option. Some shops may allow you to pay for all the fabric up front then do a monthly installment for the patterns. It is up to the quilt shop as to how they would like to run the BOM. 


4. Can I work ahead?

If your quilt shop gives you all 6 patterns up front, and are more than welcome to work ahead. 


5. If I am international, can I join the Ultimate BOM Experience Membership?

Because there will be items mailed out to members, I am not sure yet if I will open this membership up to international members due to shipping costs and delays. I am working out the details now and will have more information soon. My hope is to be able to offer it to everyone. 


6. Why does the Flower Shop kit feel more expensive than the Flower Stand kit?

The Flower shop quilt is larger than the Flower Stand quilt, so it requires more fabric to complete. 


7. Will you offer a panel for hand embroidery?

Yes! I will have preprinted panels available in my shop if you prefer to not hand embroider the words/signs. 


8. Why is the cost of the Flower Shop patterns less than the Flower Stand patterns?

The cost of the Flower Shop BOM patterns are $70.00 and less than the Flower Stand BOM patterns because they do not come with the Ultimate Experience (envelope, goodies, etc).


9. Do I have to use the Dainty Meadow fabric to participate?

No, you can use whichever fabric you would like for the Flower Shop BOM. You will need to purchase the patterns only at


10. Can I be in the Flower Shop Ultimate BOM Experience Membership if I do not use the Dainty Meadow fabric?

Yes, you can still be in the membership. You will just need to purchase the patterns and the membership add on. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. I will add more questions here as I receive them. Check back often!

Facebook Group

Join my facebook group - My Sew Quilty Life - Quilty Community to post your monthly progress and keep up-to-date with everyone participating. 

Facebook Group:

Contact your favorite quilt shop now to reserve your BOM patterns and kit


Join the special Flower Shop newsletter to keep up-to-date on special news and more. Visit for more details. 

Quilt Shops

Are you a Quilt Shop and looking for more information about how you can offer this BOM to your customers? I have a special document, webpage, and marketing/promotional items just for you. Email me at for more details.

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