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Hello and thank you for stopping by! Are you a quilt shop looking to carry my patterns in your shop? Thank you so much for your interest. Here’s all the information:

Where to Wholesale My Patterns

All of my patterns are available for wholesale directly through me or you can find some of my patterns through my distributors United Notions and EE Schenck.

Wholesale Details and Billing

I have a 2 copies per pattern minimum and I bill all wholesale orders through Paypal. Paypal allows you to use your Paypal account or Credit Card to submit payment. Shipping is an additional charge and all patterns ship through USPS Priority mail unless another provider is requested. Wholesale is open to both domestic and international quilt shops. You will receive a shipping confirmation once your order has been shipped. In most instances, my patterns ship within 3 days. On occasion, I may need to order more patterns to fill your request and it could take up to 7 days to ship your order. 

All of the available patterns for wholesale can be found here:


Please contact me at if you have any additional questions. 

Request a Wholesale Order

Send me an email at Simply add the pattern name and number with the amount you would like of that pattern in an email with the subject line “Wholesale Order.”


Or, if you prefer, fill out the "Wholesale Information Form" below. I will be in contact with you shortly. 

Thank you and talk with you soon! 

Wholesale Information Form
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Thanks for submitting! I will contact you shortly. Feel free to email me directly first if needed. Talk with you soon!

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