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- Flower Stand BOM -

Are you ready for a new kind of Block of the Month experience?


Are you ready for a new kind of Block of the Month experience? Do you enjoy the thrill of surprises? I know I do! Introducing the Flower Stand Six-Month BOM by Heather Briggs of My Sew Quilty Life! This unique BOM features the new fabric collection, Flower Girl, from Moda Fabrics. Each month during the Flower Stand BOM, you will receive a special “Flower Stand Flower Pack” envelope filled with the month's block patterns, links to step-by-step tutorials to walk you through each block, chances to enter monthly giveaways, live videos with the Heather herself, and some special surprises sprinkled in along the way. But wait, I have more! Each month, several lucky participants will randomly receive a “Golden Flower” ticket to redeem for a BIG special prize. So many chances to win during this BOM.  


Don’t miss out on this Ultimate BOM Experience! 

Contact your favorite quilt shop to see if they will be selling the BOM patterns and kits.

Have a shop in mind? Let me know, and I will reach out to them for you.

List of Participating Shops

I have compiled a list of all the shops offering Flower Stand BOM kits. I will try to keep this current, removing shops that sell out and adding new shops. Some shops are offering the kit in one full payment and others as a monthly resevation. Choose the option that works best for you. Both will have the same expereince and receive the same monthly goodies. The shops are in no particular order. Some shops have an online listing and other shops you will need to call to reserve your kit. Check back often. 

Shops: Let me know if you are participating and do not see your shop on this list. 

BOM Schedule

Month 1: Friday, April 19th - Kick off Celebration + Blocks 1 & 2 + Giveaway

Month 2: Friday, May 10th - Blocks 3 & 4 + Surprise + Giveaway

Month 3: Friday, June 7th - Blocks 5 & 6 + Giveaway

Month 4: Friday, July 12th - Blocks 7 & 8 + Surprise + Giveaway

Month 5: Friday, August 9th - Blocks 9 & 10 + Giveaway

Month 6: Friday, September 13th - Block 11 & Finishing Instructions + Giveaway


I love a good celebration! 

On October 11th we will host a huge quilt parade and celebration. This will include prize categories, show and tell, and more. More info on this will be sent out when the time gets closer.



Quilt Details:

Finished quilt size: 64” x 64”

Level: Advanced Beginner comfortable with stitch-and-flip units and working with small pieces 

Traditional Piecing Methods

Some simple hand embroidery + tutorial 

Smallest unfinished piece size: 1” square

No applique, EPP, or FPP.

Each block uses many pieces.


Pattern Details:

All patterns will come on loose numbered pages with colored instructions and diagrams similar to the classic My Sew Quilty Life patterns you have grown to love. The patterns will be colored in the Flower Girl fabric used in the quilt. Each block pattern will be 2-4 pages, which will include the cutting instructions for each month's block. 

Fabric Requirements

Flower Stand Fabric Requirements 1.jpg
Flower Stand Fabric Requirements 2.jpg

How the BOM Will Work

Starting in April, the quilt shops will either give you all 6 envelopes at once or give them to you monthly. It will be completely up to them. Each month when the patterns are released, we will do a live call to open up our envelopes together and talk about the BOM. See schedule above. You can choose to keep up with the schedule or go at your own pace. It's completely up to you. You will need to join the Flower Stand BOM email newsletter to receive the zoom call links and more information. Sign up by filling out your information below:

How Will the BOM Be Offered

  1. The Flower Stand BOM Patterns + Flower Girl Fabric as a kit

  2. The Flower Stand BOM Patterns only (use fabrics of your choice)

  3. Some shops may kit it up in another fabric line - let your quilt shop know if you are interested in this option.


1. Will I offer the BOM Patterns on my site?

Yes, I will offer just the BOM patterns, but at the moment I will not have kits. I will only offer kits if we do not have enough quilt shops participating and making kits. I want to make sure the shops have a chance to sell all their kits before I offer anything. If I release kits, I will make an announcement. They will be first come, first serve. 

If you would like to purchase just the BOM patterns to use your own fabric, you can purchase them soon.

2. Can I make a one time payment for all patterns?

Yes, I will only offer the BOM patterns as a one time payment up front. 

3. Do I have to join the live call?

No, you do not have to join the live call. You can open the envelopes on your own. But it will be so much fun to see everyone open their envelopes up together. I will also be talking about each month's blocks, the BOM, giveaway, and more on each call. 


4. Will we know which BOM patterns will be released each month?

No, that will be a secret!

5. Can I work ahead?

If your quilt shop gives you all 6 patterns, and are more than welcome to work ahead. My hope is that you would wait to open your envelopes monthly for the total experience. 

6. What is the special surprise in months 2 and 4?

That is a surprise, but it will be something fun!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I will add more questions here as I receive them. Check back often!

Facebook Group

Join my facebook group - My Sew Quilty Life - Quilty Community to post your monthly progress and keep up-to-date with everyone participating. 

Facebook Group:

Contact your favorite quilt shop now to reserve your BOM patterns and kit


Join the special Flower Stand newsletter to keep up-to-date on special news and more. Visit for more details. 

Quilt Shops

Are you a Quilt Shop and looking for more information about how you can offer this BOM to your customers? I have a special document, webpage, and marketing/promotional items just for you. Email me at for more details.

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