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- Flower Stand BOM -

Shops - Everything you need to know!

The Ultimate Block of the Month Experience

Using the Flower Girl fabric collection by Heather Briggs
of My Sew Quilty Life for Moda Fabrics.

Flower Stand 

Are you ready to offer your customers an exciting new kind of BOM in 2024?
You can find all the important information about the Flower Stand BOM including schedule, cost, fabric requirements, specific details, and more below.

About the Designer

Heather Briggs 2023.jpg

Heather Briggs is a quilt pattern designer and new fabric designer with Moda Fabrics. Her first-ever fabric collection, Flower Girl, is now showing to quilt shops and will be shipping March 2024. Heather enjoys creating one-of-a-kind quilt blocks and patterns that feature flowers and other whimsical designs using her soft and feminine look. She began her recognizable quilting brand, My Sew Quilty Life, in 2020. Since then, she has been featured in several popular quilting magazines, worked with well-known quilting brands, inspired thousands of quilters, and also encourages everyone to live their best quilty life. She believes everyone should have a wonderful quilting experience and enjoys creating special experiences for her customers. You can find more information about Heather on social media @mysewquiltylife and by visiting the About Me page at

About The Flower Stand BOM:

Flower Stand is a six-month Block of the Month that features the Flower Girl fabric collection by Heather Briggs of My Sew Quilty Life for Moda Fabrics. This unique new block of the month is the ultimate BOM experience your customers are going to love. Each month, your customers will receive two Flower Stand block patterns sealed in a fun envelope. Along the way, there will also be exciting prizes, special giveaways, and chances to be featured in My Sew Quilty Life’s newsletter/blog/social media. At the end of the BOM, we’ll host a huge celebration to celebrate all the hard work. In just six months, your customers will have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind quilt, as well as an amazing experience sewing along while making quilty friends.

Flower Stand BOM Schedule:

March 2024 - Fabric ships to shops
Month 1: Friday, April 19th - Kick off Celebration + Blocks 1 & 2
Month 2: Friday, May 10th - Blocks 3 & 4 + Surprise Bonus Pattern Download

Month 3: Friday, June 7th - Blocks 5 & 6
Month 4: Friday, July 12th - Blocks 7 & 8 + Surprise Bonus Pattern Download

Month 5: Friday, August 9th - Blocks 9 & 10
Month 6: Friday, September 13th - Block 11 & Finishing Instructions
              Friday, October 11th - Quilt Parade & Celebration

The above schedule is subject to change if there is a delay in shipping the Flower Girl fabric. You will be notified if the schedule changes.

Specific BOM Details:

Each set of blocks will come in a special sealed and labeled envelope called the “Flower Stand Flower Pack”. Over the course of the BOM, your customers will get six envelopes which will contain all 11 blocks and the finishing instructions. In the first month's envelope, your customers will receive a special welcome card, patterns for blocks 1 and 2, a small special gift (the small gift has not yet been finalized, but it could be a sticker or magnet), and a Flower Stand progress tracker. It will also include additional info about where to find the block tutorials, how to enter monthly giveaways, and more.


In Months 2 and 4, new free bonus surprise quilt pattern projects will be provided. These will need to be downloaded from These projects could be a pillow, table topper/runner, or wall hanging.

Specific Quilt and Pattern Details:

Quilt Details:
Finished quilt size: 64” x 64”
Level: Advanced Beginner comfortable with stitch-and-flip units and working with small pieces Traditional Piecing Methods
Some simple hand embroidery + tutorial
Smallest unfinished piece size: 1” square

Pattern Details:
All patterns will come on loose numbered pages with colored instructions and diagrams. The patterns will be colored in the Flower Girl fabric used in the quilt. Each block pattern will be 2-4 pages, which will include the cutting instructions for each month's block.

Specific Quilt and Pattern Details:

Flower Stand Fabric Requirements 1.jpg
Flower Stand Fabric Requirements 2.jpg


Who doesn't love free quilty goodies??


  • 1. Fun Perk! Each month, 1 in 50 Flower Stand Flower Pack envelopes will have a special “Golden Flower” ticket, similar to in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Each “Golden Flower” ticket will have a special prize for the recipient. All they do is take a picture of their “Golden Flower” ticket and send it to me via email with their information and the prize will be shipped to them immediately. All details will be on the golden ticket.


If we have over 500 participants in the BOM or if I recieve an influx of prizes, I will include a “Golden Flower” ticket in more Flower Stand Flower Pack envelopes each month to elevate the experience.


  • 2. Every month when the patterns are released, I will hold a special giveaway. Your customers can enter the giveaway for that month on my website by using the link provided in their Flower Stand Flower Pack.

  • 3. On October 11th, we will have a Flower Stand Quilt Parade and special celebration. I will have prize categories where they can enter pictures of their quilt or unfinished quilt blocks to win special prizes. Customers do not have to finish their quilt tops or quilt the quilt to be eligible for prizes.


Prize Categories:

Finished Quilt (quilted and bound)

Finished Quilt Top
Finished Blocks
Flower Stand in other fabrics

Just Couldn't Keep Up (category for quilters that fell behind)

Viewers Choice (voted on by my followers)

More categories to come based on the number of prizes donated


You are also more than welcome to offer your own giveaway and prizes during the Flower Stand BOM.



If you would like to sponsor a special prize, please contact me at All sponsors will be listed on the website.

I am looking for only quilting-related products for giveaways, such as fabric, notions, patterns, gift certificates to your shop, etc. The “Golden Flower” ticket prizes and Final Celebration prizes will be big-ticket items: FQ bundles, goodie baskets, etc. Products will need to be sent to me prior to the start of the Flower Stand BOM. Each prize will have a card with your shop information and where they can find you. I will contact each winner and ship out each prize so you don't have to do a thing!

Cost of BOM Patterns:

The total retail cost for the entire Flower Stand BOM patterns which includes all 6 Flower Stand Flower Packs is: $78.00 and will wholesale to quilt shops at $50.00. This price does not include any fabric.

Total cost for each customer: $78.00 + cost for fabric in the kit.
Total profit for your shop: $28.00 + retail markup on the fabric in the kit.


All 6 Flower Stand Flower Packs are shipped all at once. Shipping is an small additional charge.

How to offer the BOM:

You can offer the BOM in whichever way you prefer, but the main ways will be:

1. Offer the Flower Stand BOM patterns and Flower Girl fabric to your customers as a kit.
2. Offer the Flower Stand BOM patterns and kit it up with different fabric from your shop.
3. Offer just the Flower Girl BOM patterns, so your customers can use the fabric of their choice.

Or, if you do not want to offer the patterns, you can just advertise the kits and send them to to purchase the patterns. 


All 6 Flower Stand Flower Packs per participant will come to you in one shipment. You can choose to give your customers all 6 Flower Stand Flower Packs at once or give them out monthly to engage with your customers and get them in your store. Please note: I will not be responsible for shipping out any Flower Stand Flower Packs to your customers. You will need to do this for your out-of-state customers.


I suggest collecting full BOM payment from your customers before placing your first pattern order with me. If you feel more comfortable offering the BOM to your customers as a pay-as-you-go, feel free to do so – whatever works best for your quilt shop and customers, but all BOM patterns will need to be purchased from me up front. All pattern sales are final on this BOM and can not be returned.


Note: If you are kitting up the BOM using the Flower Girl fabric collection, the buying window is only open for a period of time. Moda will announce the exact closing date soon. Please ensure you purchase enough fabric for the BOM participants. See the Fabric Requirements starting on page 3 for 1 quilt, 10 quilts, and 20 quilts.

Marketing Materials & Promotion:

Marketing materials and graphics are available via the Drop Box link below, so you can begin marketing this BOM. This will include a digital PDF for you to give out to your customers with the schedule, more details, etc. The graphics provided can be used on your website and social media to promote the BOM. If you are interested in offering this BOM to your customers, please begin promoting the BOM soon using the promotion materials and graphics I have provided.

If you would like to make your own graphics to share, please feel free to do so.


How to place your order:

From now until February 15th, contact with the amount of BOM participants you have signed up. I will send an invoice for you to purchase the patterns. All Flower Stand Flower Packs will be sent to you by March 20th. You will be notified when your Flower Stand Flower Packs have shipped.

Did you have more participants sign up after you placed your first order?

No problem, I will add them to your order and send you another invoice. Just contact me via email with the amount you need to add to your order. After the BOM has started, I may not have any more Flower Stand Flower Packs available to purchase. If this happens and I get enough participants to warrant another production run of the Flower Stand Flower packs, I will let you know. All Flower Stand Flower Packs first come first serve after the BOM has begun.

Support From The Designer:

For each block, I will have a designated YouTube tutorial showing your customers how to make the block, including tips and tricks. All questions regarding the blocks can be directed toward me and support will be provided.

My Sew Quilty Life YouTube Channel: Click Here


Why two blocks a month?

I always like BOM that have multiple blocks a month. It keeps me engaged and interested and I’m more likely to complete the quilt. This has been requested by my customers.


If I want to use a different fabric collection for the BOM, will you offer recoloring of the quilt?

I will not be recoloring the Flower Stand mockup if you are using another fabric collection or fabrics.


Does the participant have to use your fabric to be eligible for prizes?

No, not at all. I encourage the participants to use their favorite fabrics for the quilt. I want them to love their quilt!


Why do the patterns come sealed in an envelope?

The patterns come sealed to keep the patterns and other goodies (like a golden ticket) safe and confidential, and so that the participant gets a sense of excitement when opening up their Flower Stand Flower Pack. Every participant knows they will need a sealed Flower Stand Flower Pack to participate. Please no pattern sharing.


Will I offer classes/ trunk shows/special guest appearances for my shop?

Yes, I am working out my schedule for next year and will be in contact with you about my offerings. Stay tuned for that.


Will you be offering the Flower Stand BOM patterns as well?

Yes, I will be offering the BOM patterns on my website in conjunction with the BOM so that my normal customers can also participate. There will be no discount or incentive for them to purchase it from me.

Final Thoughts:

My hope for this BOM is to help offer your customers an ultimate BOM experience that provides a fun way for you to connect closely with your customers while providing additional income for your shop. Quilt shops are the lifeline to our industry, I want to support you in any way I can! I appreciate your support and hope to hear from you soon! I’ll be offering another fun BOM for my next fabric collection.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact with questions or if you would like to participate in this BOM.


Happy Quilting, Heather Briggs

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