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Garden Side Pattern Release and Collaboration!

It’s HERE!! My new pattern Garden Side is now available! Visit my Etsy Shop HERE to get your copy of Garden Side. I have been waiting for this day for almost a month. This pattern means so much and it symbolizes a change for My Sew Quilty Life. Read more below:

Normally before I ever release a pattern, I think of a pattern, design the pattern, make the pattern, share posts on social media along the journey of making the pattern, and then release the pattern. I always do it so quickly, but this time I wanted to do something different. This time I decided I not only wanted to take my business to the next level, but I wanted to focus on quality vs. quantity. This meant I needed to bring testers on board to read, review, and critique my pattern. This was the first time I had ever done this. It forced me to stay on schedule, do things when I said I would do them, work on a tight deadline, get out of my “Quilting Room,” and communicate more. This process also forced me to slow down, which is something I really needed.

Some of you may know that I actually work a full time job outside of the home. I am an Architectural Designer; I design healthcare facilities and hospitals. My career is super demanding and it only leaves me enough time to sew on the weekends and a little bit of computer work at night. If that’s not enough I am also a wife, and a mother to a very competitive young (10) baseball player, need I say more? How do I find the time? I know! In my attempt to not feel like I am failing my business everyday because my mind is ahead of my body, slowing down and focusing on one pattern at a time has really helped me stay focused. I now don’t feel like I need to produce multiple patterns a month, and I no longer have the stress of feeling like I “need” to design more quilts, which in return, will result in better quilt patterns. Quilting was something that always made me happy, and also a way I could channel my creativeness in a relaxed and stress free environment. Even though this is a business now, I want to make sure I am focused on what’s important.

Not only was my focus on my business, but I wanted to also help others with their business or help them get more exposure. I am a firm believer that we all can have a seat at the table, there is always room. I also believe that everyone has something to add and that climbing to the top is much more fun when you are climbing with other fun people like yourself. Pattern testing seemed like the right avenue to take in order to do that and I hope that the ladies who participated in this pattern release felt that from me. I hope they found this to be a positive experience and that they may have also learned a lot about themselves, their business, social media, and how releasing a pattern works. Ladies, we are the future of this industry, don’t forget that!

Ok enough about me. I want to show off these wonderful ladies quilts! Please check them out on Instagram and give them some love! They all did a wonderful job and this process wouldn’t have been so successful without them! Thank you so much ladies, I appreciate you all.

To view more pictures of their quilts visit their Instagram links below each picture.

By Kristin Saffle

By: Brandy Roller

By Jolee Sisney

By Janiel Corley

Thanks again ladies! Your quilts are beautiful!

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