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2024 Year of Sewing BOM - Important Information!

It’s 2024 which means its time for a new BOM!

Are you ready for a fun filled year of sewing? I am! Now introducing the 2024 Year of Sewing BOM. If you enjoyed the 2023 Year of Spools BOM you are going to go crazy when you see the blocks for the 2024 BOM. They are SEW cute! This fun BOM starts January 5th and lasts all year long. Get ready to be inspired each month. This is going to be SEW much fun! Keep reading for more information about the BOM, the theme, schedule, and more, plus a sneak peek of the January Block, Sew Snowy. Happy quilting!


As much as I enjoyed making the spools last year, I thought it would be so much fun to make different sewing items each month. Think bobbins, spools, sewing machines, pins, thimbles, scissors, and more. The blocks are SEW cute and the quilt is adorable! Each block will have a monthly theme that incorporates a sewing item. I cannot wait for you to see the blocks I have designed for you each month. You are going to love them!

About the Blocks:

12 separate blocks.

Finished Size: 14”.

Smallest Piece: 1” unfinished.

Skill Level: Intermediate - Due to the amount of pieces each block has. 

No border will be framing each block like last year.

It is important to note that the monthly themes will be based on holidays/seasons on the American calendar. Monthly holidays or seasons that could be represented in this quilt are Winter, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Spring/Easter, 4th of July/American Flag/Summer, Halloween, Fall/Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I apologize, but I will not be designing blocks to substitute holidays/seasons that you do not recognize. Please be mindful of this before purchasing the BOM. There will be no refunds on any of the blocks you have purchased if you are not happy with the monthly themes or do not recognize the holidays/seasons in the blocks. Thank you for understanding. 


This year, I will be releasing the blocks a few days ahead of the month. The schedule is pretty much set in stone and should not change at all, but if it does you will be notified ahead of time. See below for the block release dates:

Fabric Requirements:

While each block has been designed, not all fabric requirements and patterns have been figured out or written. I estimate that each block will use around ¼ yard of background fabric. If you are planning to use the same collection for the blocks, 1 Fat Quarter bundle should be plenty. I recommend working with your stash or with a Fat Quarter bundle with a wide variety of colors, as the monthly themes use many different colors. These BOM quilts are a great way to use up your stash or scraps.

I will not be using a specific fabric collection for the 2024 Year of Sewing BOM. I will be pulling from my stash. All my fabrics will be past Moda fabric collections so there will be no fabric kits for this BOM.

Purchasing Options:

Option 1: Limited Offer! Ends 1/10/24

2024 Year of Sewing Preorder Bundle: Want the convenience of having the blocks sent to your inbox each month? Now offering for a limited time only, the 2024 Year of Sewing Preorder Bundle. The bundle is the perfect for anyone looking to prepay for all the blocks ahead of time and eliminate the hassle of purchasing each one individually. You will receive a 15% off discount on all the blocks. You do not need a coupon. The discount is factored into the bundle price.

This bundle is only available until January 10th, so don't wait! 

The January block will be sent to your inbox on January 5th 9am EST. 

Click the button below to preorder the 2024 Year of Sewing BOM!


  • Please note, you will not be getting all 12 blocks at time of payment. Each block will be sent at 9am on the scheduled release day. See the schedule above. 

  • There will be no refunds on the 2024 Year of Sewing Preorder Bundle. 

  • Please make sure your email is correct when placing your order. This will be the email all blocks will be sent to each month. If you change your email or do not receive the block each month, please reach out to

Option 2: Purchase Blocks Monthly

This option is the same way I offered the 2023 Year of Spools BOM. It worked really well for many of you and is a great way for you to decide when you would like to pay for your block. It’s simple, when the block is released each month, head on over to my shop and purchase the block. Sign up for my email newsletters to receive 15% off each block when it is released by clicking the button below. 

YouTube Tutorials:

Each month I will have a block tutorial over on my YouTube channel. It will be released at the same time to block releases each month. This tutorial will walk you step-by-step through making the block. I will also provide helpful tips when piecing and ironing. You will need the block pattern to make the block. No measurements will be given in the tutorial. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get notified when it is available. Click the button below:


My BOM sponsors have been very generous and cannot wait to shower you in prizes. At the end of the BOM I will be offering different prize categories for a chance to win the awesome prizes. Stay tuned for more information.

Shops, if you would like to donate prizes please reach out to

Info for Quilt Shops & Guilds:

In December, I will be releasing a bundle of all the blocks together and will offer the paper versions to Quilt Shops and Quilt Guilds at wholesale for you to host the BOM the following year. PDFs will not be available for wholesale. Please email me at if you would like to be put on the waitlist and/or to purchase the bundles. I will need to know how many bundles you would like. If you need more after your initial purchase, let me know. I’m happy to send you as many as you need.

Please note, the bundles will only include the block patterns, not the settings. You will need to direct your customers to my website in order to use the free settings. Each pattern will come individually for you to be able to distribute each pattern each month or give all the patterns at once.

Sew Snowy Sneak Peek:

The January Sew Snowy block will be released January 5th. How cute are these bobbin snowmen?


1. What is the Year of Sewing BOM?

The Year of Spools BOM is a fun BOM hosted by Heather Briggs of My Sew Quilty Life. Every month a new sewing-theme block is released. You can collect them all or just buy your favorites. In November, all the quilt settings will be released as a free pattern.

2. How do I sign up?

There are no sign-ups this year. You just purchase each block from my website at

3. Will the BOM blocks be released on the same day every month?

The BOM blocks will be released on a Friday but not the same day every month. I created a schedule of when the blocks will be released each month for you to prepare. 

4. Will the patterns be in the same format/layout this year? 

Yes, the patterns will be in the same format and layout as last year. They will be only offered in PDF format. The layout of the cover page will be different, but the rest of the pattern will be the same. 

5. Will you have a setting at the end?

Yes, I am planning on having a throw size quilt setting and matching pillow setting. Those will be released when the December block releases. 

6. What are the size of blocks? Are they all the same?

The blocks are all the same size. They finish at 14” x 14”, 

7. Can I just pay a one-time fee for all the blocks?

A preorder bundle was only available to purchase from 1/1/24 to 1/10/24. If you missed the bundle option, I apologize. The blocks can be purchased separately each month when they are released. In December, I will offer a bundle of all the blocks together, but no discounts will be given. 

8. Will you offer fabric kits for the BOM?

No, I will not be offering fabric kits for the BOM. I will be using my stash. Many people like to do the same. It is something I will look at in the future. 

9. Will you bundle all the blocks at the end?

Yes, I will make it easier on you and combine all the blocks into one file, and under one listing. However, they will not be discounted. You will be paying full price x 12 for the blocks. Don’t wait until the end if you're planning to join in. Each month you have the opportunity to get the blocks at 15% off by signing up for my newsletter.

10. Are there discounts on the blocks?

Yes, if you are on my email list, every time a block comes out you get to save 15% for the first week. To sign up for my email list, click here: EMAIL SIGNUP

11. Do regular coupons work on these BOM patterns?

No, only the coupons that are specified for the BOM patterns can be used. Please note that the block-specific coupons are only active for 1 week after the block releases.

12. BOM are usually free, why is this one paid?

BOMs are not always free–it really just depends on the designer, the level of the designer, and the intent of the designer. My BOM blocks are uniquely designed and come with very thorough instructions. The blocks are not generic blocks that you see everyday. They are unique. The cost of each block is $6.50. 

13. Help! I lost my download or my links have expired.

Please note that you only have 30 days to download your PDFs using the emailed links. Please save your patterns to a desktop/laptop computer. If you like to use your phone or tablet, I recommend emailing your saved blocks to yourself, then opening them up on your phone/tablet. In the event that you have lost your saved PDFs, please email me at with your order number, name, email used to purchase the pattern, and a small description about each of the patterns you need. I can resend you the links to the email you used to purchase the patterns.

14. I just ordered the BOM block/blocks but I didn't receive an email order confirmation or the links to download.

First, be sure to check your spam/promotions inbox first. If it’s not there, you may have incorrectly typed in your email address when ordering. Also, if you pay through Paypal or auto fill in your information, be sure to check that the email address is correct. In some cases, an older email is saved on file and auto fills in for purchasing. If this happens, please email me at  so I can change your email and resend your links. If you still have access to an older email account, you should see the purchase confirmation and download links.

15. Can I make modifications to the blocks if I want to change something?

Yes, you can always make modifications to any block, but note that you can not claim the block as your own. If you do make modifications, be sure to say that when posting your block on social media. Be clear that this is a modification and not part of the actual pattern.

16. Will you (Heather) make modifications to a block and provide detailed instructions for me to make it?

No, sorry. I do not make modifications to any of the blocks.

17. For other countries: I’m not in the US. Can I still purchase the BOM patterns?

Yes, because they are PDFs, you should be able to purchase the patterns. Please note that all of the monthly blocks are based on themes that may not be celebrated by your country or be the same for your country’s calendar. Example: You might not have summer in July. Feel free to arrange the blocks to fit your calendar.

Are you in?

Let everyone know you're participating in the 2024 Year of Sewing BOM by sharing the picture below on social media.

I hope you are ready for the 2024 Year of Sewing BOM!

I cant wait to see your blocks.

Use #2024yearofsewingbom to share your progress.

Happy Quilting,


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