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I Heart You Pillow - Free Pattern

I Heart You Pillow - Free Pattern

As part of my goals for 2021 I wanted to make one free pattern a month to share with you all. It’s important to me to not only put out paid patterns but also share free content. Who doesn’t love something FREE? I know I do. My goal is to make each free pattern something different each month, whether it is a table runner, project bag, pillow, or fun little knick-knacks. My goal is that we all try and learn some new skills and make cute things along the way.

This month’s free pattern is called I Heart You Pillow. It uses traditional piecing to create six small 2” finished hearts and a chance to use Rick Rack, if you’ve been dying to use it in a project. I know I have! This months skills are piecing small blocks, using rick rack, machine quilting, using a whip stitch, and pillow making. I hope you enjoy this free pattern and share with your friends! Keep a lockout for next months free pattern and what we will learn next time. Have a Sew Quilty day!

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Click below to download the free pattern:

My Sew Quilty Life - I Heart You Pillow
Download • 904KB

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Thank you! Super cute pattern!


Thank You. I'm looking forward to your ideas. Your new pattern looking good. Thank You Barb😊

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