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NEW! Time to Bloom - AccuQuilt Compatible Pattern

It’s been several months and I am so excited to finally tell you that my first-ever AccuQuilt compatible pattern, Time to Bloom, is FINALLY available. I am so excited!! Thank you so much for patiently waiting. You guys are the best. In case you missed it, in April I teamed up with AccuQuilt to bring you a special discounted bundle. I curated some of their top-rated products into my very own “Bloom Bundle.” I challenged myself to design a My Sew Quilty Life style pattern featuring florals using only AccuQuilt dies in the bundle. It was quite the challenge, but the outcome was beautiful. I’m so in love with this simple yet beautiful quilt and I really hope you enjoy making it. Continue reading for more quilt details, my AccuQuilt cutting tips and process, and to see my amazing testers quilts. You are going to love them! Thanks for stopping by!

Quilt/Pattern Details:

Available in PDF only.

Cutting methods for AccuQuilt Cutting Method and Traditional Cutting Method.

5 Quilt Sizes: 36” x 36” | 48” x 48” | 54” x 54” | 60” x 60” | 72” x 72” (If using the AccuQuilt Cutting Method, your size will depend on the Go! Qube size you choose).

16 easy to piece blocks: 8 Flower Blocks and 8 Leaf Blocks

Level: Advanced Beginner

Pattern and diagrams in full color.

The AccuQuilt rough cut dimensions are based on the most current AccuQuilt dies and not the older sets. I recommend measuring each die before rough cutting to ensure you have the correct measurements. Rough cut measurements are .25” larger on each side of the die blade.

The dies used in the quilt are #1, #2, #5, #8, #10, #11.1, and #12.1.

Important: You do not need to use the AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting Method to make this quilt. You can make this quilt using traditional cutting and piecing methods. In addition to the instructions in the pattern, I also walk you through them below.

Fabric Requirements:

I used several different Fig Tree, Corey Yoder, and Sherri and Chelsi fabrics from my stash for my quilt. I used all light pink/peach for the outer flower and coral for the inner flower with a yellow center. I used several different shades of green for my Leaf blocks. I made each Leaf block with the same fabrics, but could totally make them scrappy. I used Bella 9900-200 Off White for my background. The quilt has so many possibilities and looks great in many fabrics. See my testers' versions below for more fabric ideas.


AccuQuilt Cutting Method:

My Process:

I used the AccuQuilt Cutting Method to cut out the fabric for my quilt. This was my first time using AccuQuilt products to make a quilt and I found it easy and fun to use. Surprisingly, it took me less time than when I used traditional cutting methods and it was way more accurate. I recorded my process and I wanted to share some tips with you. I hope you find these helpful when making your own Time to Bloom quilt.

1. I rough cut out all my fabrics and labeled them with the die number. I didn't care about how precise I was, just as long as they were close to the rough cut size in the pattern. This allowed me to cut more quickly.

2. I used a design board (see instructions for making one below) for each die number and placed all rough cuts associated with that die number, regardless of the fabric color, together on the one design board.

3. I pulled out every die I needed for the entire pattern before cutting, so I had them easily accessible to me.

4. I started by cutting out all the fabric associated with each die number regardless of color, stacking them in layers of 6. (Example: If I had 1 white rough cut square and 5 light pink rough cut squares, I stacked them together and used the cutting machine to cut them all at once to save time. You can cut up to 6 layers of cotton at a time.

5. I then separated out each cut fabric piece per die on the same design board.

6. I looked at the steps in the pattern for the Flower Block and stacked all the pieces needed to make those blocks on one design board.

7. I chain-pieced everything for all the Flower Blocks.

8. After chain-piecing, I separated out each Flower block on its own design board to keep them organized. 8 Flower Blocks = 8 Design Boards.

General Tips:

  1. Slide your cutting mat off the die–it helps ensure that your pieces don't go all over.

  2. Alternate the side you are using for your cutting mat so one side doesn't get too worn out.

  3. You may also need to clip a few of the edges that did not cut well. Keep a pair of scissors handy.

  4. As always, make a test block and try cutting your pieces out with scrap fabric until you are more comfortable with the fabric cutter.

How to make a design board: Cut white foam core board to your desired size. You can purchase white foam core boards from your local craft store. I have 14” - 16” square design boards, but you could make any size or shape you desire. Cut a piece of scrap batting and hot glue the edges of the batting to the edges of the foam core board around all four sides. I usually glue two sides first then smooth out the batting and glue the other two sides. Some people will add binding or finish the edge. I do not do that.

Don’t have time to make a Design Board? Lori Holt has some really cute design boards available. Use the link below to check them out:


Traditional Cutting Method:

I wanted to make sure anyone, not only those who use the AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter could make this quilt, so I also included the cutting instructions for traditional cutting methods. Now, because the pattern is so large and already has a lot of diagrams and cutting tables I wanted to make it simpler, so this pattern looks a little different than my normal patterns. No worries–see the important information you need below. Also, because you will be using traditional cutting methods, you can make any size quilt/blocks you would like to make. Want to make a baby quilt for a baby shower? No problem! Also, want to make a seasonal throw? No problem.

Note: The fabric requirements on the back cover are for the AccuQuilt cutting method. You will have more fabric than you need because you will not be rough cutting your fabrics.

After you have read the “Basic Instructions”, start with the “Getting Started: Step 1”. You’ll want to decide what size block or quilt you would like to make. Follow the underlined title “Traditional Fabric Cutting Method” throughout the pattern. This will help guide you in making this quilt.. Once you have your desired quilt/block size, you will see a Table #. You will follow all cutting instructions for those tables for the Flower and Leaf Blocks. (Example: If you are making a 12” finished block and a 48” x 48” finished quilt you follow all Table #2. You will not need any other table.)

When cutting the blocks, you will cut out one block at a time. Look at your designated table. The only information you need to look at is the “Fabric Color: Pieces Needed For One Block”, and the “Unfinished Piece Size”. See picture below. You will not be using a die, however that is your piece label. Instead of a letter label, I use numbers in this pattern.

Note: The measurements have been grayed out in this example. The measurements will show correctly in the pattern.


Tester Quilts:

I cannot thank my testers enough for helping me make this pattern better for you. I want to take a moment to show off their beautiful quilts. Please show them some love. They worked so hard and are very appreciated!


6" Go! Qube Size | 36" x 36" Finished Quilt

Batiks add rich color to purple flowers set against a blue sky in Debbie’s version of Time to Bloom.

Check Debbie out on social media:

Facebook: Once Upon a Quilt

Etsy Shop: AngelsAreAmongUs


8" Go! Qube Size | 48" x 48" Finished Quilt

Sunny yellows bring happiness and warmth to Martha’s version of Time to Bloom


9" Go! Qube Size | 54" x 54" Finished Quilt

Katy’s quilt is pretty in pink! Batiks add subtle texture to the flowers, leaves, and background.


10" Go! Qube Size | 60" x 60" Finished Quilt

Dianna used painterly prints and florals to create a gorgeous quilt that will bloom inside all winter long.


12" Go! Qube Size | 72" x 72" Finished Quilt

Bright blooms remind us of summer gardens. A variety of colors and prints find their home in Clare’s quilt!

Clare is a local coordinator for which is a non profit organization that teaches sewing, collects fabric and yarn donations and connects creators with local charities needing handmade quilts and items. Please reach out to if you have any donations or ways to help the organization.


About the Bundle:

Important: The bundle will only be available for a few more weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about AccuQuilt or the “Bloom Bundle” I curated, check out more below. I wanted to explain what all comes in the curated bundle. This bundle is exactly what I used to make my Time to Bloom quilt. It will have everything you need to make the pattern, plus it comes with so many block patterns and options. You can make over 72 different blocks.

AccuQuilt “Bloom” Bundle:

Introducing the Bloom Bundle! I have curated this bundle to help you enjoy cutting again, offer you a huge variety of dies, and offer you a HUGE discount to try AccuQuilt products. I’m not sure if you will be able to get this bundle at this kind of discount again. Maybe a Black Friday sale, but I do not know for sure. Another reason why I curated this bundle was so I could achieve my florally (is that even a word?) designs and bring you patterns specifically made to use with AccuQuilt. You have a chance to get this entire bundle for $300 off. That’s amazing!

The GO! Bloom Die Bundle includes 3 things:

1. GO! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set (55610) ($169.99 Retail)

o GO! Me Fabric Cutter

o (2) GO! Dies: GO! Cutting Mat-6" x 6"

o GO! Half Square Triangle-3" Finished Square (55703)

o GO! Quarter Square Triangle-3" Finished Square (55704)

o 5 patterns with easy instructions designed for all skill levels.

2. GO! Qube Mix & Match Block ($368.90 Retail)

  • (8) GO! Mix & Match 6" x 6" Dies (with quilt shape number):

  • GO! Square-4 1/2" (4" Finished) (55708) (Shape 1)

  • GO! Square-2 1/2" (2" Finished) (55709) (Shape 2)

  • GO! Half Square Triangle-4" Finished Square (55710) (Shape 3)

  • GO! Quarter Square Triangle-4" Finished Square (55711) (Shape 4)

  • GO! Half Square Triangle-2" Finished Square (55712) (Shape 5)

  • GO! Square on Point-3 1/4" (2 3/4" Finished) (55713) (Shape 6)

  • GO! Parallelogram 45°-2 3/4" x 3 1/2" Sides (2 1/16" x 2 13/16" Finished) (55714) (Shape 7)

  • GO! Rectangle-2 1/2" x 4 1/2" (2" x 4" Finished) (55715) (Shape 8)

  • GO! Cutting Mat-6" x 6" (55137)

  • Instructional videos & storage box

  • Pattern Booklet with 14 patterns

3. GO! Qube Companion Set ($223.94 Retail)

  • (4) GO! 6" x 6" Dies (with quilt shape number):

  • GO! Chisels-2" x 4" Finished (55734) (Shape 9)

  • GO! Signature Block-4" Finished Square (55730) (Shape 10)

  • GO! Bowtie-4" Finished Square (55764) (Shape 11.1)

  • GO! Half Square Triangle-1" Finished Square (55765) (Shape 12.1)

  • GO! Cutting Mat-6" x 6" (55137)

  • Instructional videos & storage box

  • Pattern Booklet with 10 patterns

If you are interested in purchasing this discounted bundle use the link below. If you are not interested in the bundle, but are interested in other AccuQuilt products you can still use this link, it helps me out a lot.

*This is my affiliate link and I will receive a little kickback from AccuQuilt at no extra cost to you. This really helps me out a lot. Thank you so much!

You may be wondering if this is for you. I made a list of who I think this could really help.

Who is this bundle for?

  • Anyone new to AccuQuilt cutters and dies.

  • Anyone who loves trying new quilty products.

  • Anyone who wants to increase accuracy, improve safety, and shorten cutting time.

If you’re on the fence, that is totally fine. My end goal really is to introduce you to AccuQuilt. You may not see a need for them now, but you may in the future. There is no pressure! I don’t want you to feel pressure into purchasing the bundle. I only want you to purchase it, if you want it.

I hope you enjoy the Time to Bloom Quilt Pattern. Be sure to share your progress and finished quilts using #timetobloomquilt on social media. Also tag me @mysewquiltylife so I can see it!

Thank you!

Happy Quilting,


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