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Year of Spools 2023 BOM - July Sew Yummy Block

The July block is now available! I told you it would be celebrated with cuteness. How cute is it??

When deciding what the July block Year of Spools block would be, I kept remembering back to a well-loved iconic snack in the summer, Bomb Pops (also known as Firecracker Pop). Those red, white, and blue yummy popsicles were a staple in my childhood summers, especially at Fourth of July parties, but they became my favorite all summer long. I can’t think about July without thinking about those patriotic cuties. I could often be found running around with blue lips and sticky fingers enjoying the long, hot summer nights. You got three flavors in one popsicle–now that's what I call a win-win!

In case you were wondering what those yummy flavors were:

Red= Cherry

White = Lime

Blue=Blue Raspberry

This block is so much fun to make. Get patriotic and spell out the word USA or opt for plain spools. No matter which design you choose, your block will be dripping with cuteness. The possibilities to personalize this block are endless. I cannot wait for you to make this block!

My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Some fun history:

Bomb pops have been around for a long time and before designing this block, I never really knew much about them other than they were patriotic and a summer staple in America. I did some digging to learn more. The original popsicle shaped rocket, Bomb Pop, was invented by two men in 1955 in Kansas City, MO. (Fun fact: I used to live near Kansas City! Now I feel more of a connection with those yummy popsicles.) Merrit and Abernathy, the inventors, created the popsicle in a heated time during the Cold War to “cool down” the nation. The original Bomb Pop was designed with 6 fins to mimic a “bomb” and its star shape also represented “star-shaped rocket fireworks” that were used in Independence Day celebrations. The red, white, and blue color scheme celebrates the colors from our nation's flag.

National Bomb Pop Day:

Today Bomb Pops are still found in our freezers, but they are now produced in Iowa. They come in many more flavors to enjoy and love. In 2005, Bomb Pop Day became a national holiday celebrated on the last Thursday in June. How cool is that? That's just a few days away. Let’s celebrate National Bomb Pop Day on June 29th by showing off our Sew Yummy Blocks. Use #bombpopquiltblock when you post on social media.

I hope you stay cool this summer and enjoy this fun yummy popsicle!

Pattern Twist:

Because I know a few Year of Spools participants are not from America and do not celebrate Independence Day, I thought it would be fun to tweak the pattern to turn the popsicles into any flavor and spell out the word S-U-N. Soak up the sun and enjoy a sweet treat to cool you down.

To purchase the July - Sew Yummy Block:

If you are an email subscriber check your email for a coupon code. If you are not an email subscriber scroll down to sign up for the coupon.

Email List:

While you do not have to sign up for this BOM, you will need to sign up for my email list in order to receive the 15% off coupon on each of the blocks, for the release dates, sneak peeks, and free settings.

To save 15% off the Sew Yummy Block, sign up for my email list now. You will be directed to a new page. The coupon code will appear at the bottom once you have filled out the form. Enjoy

Coupon Details:

The coupon will expire on 6/30, so don’t wait.

The coupon can only be used on the Sew Yummy PDF.

*You will need to sign up for my email list in order to get the coupon code. Already on my email list? No worries, you should have received an email from me with the code. If not, go ahead and fill out your information so you can get the coupon code. You will not receive my emails twice. I usually send emails two or three times a month. They are packed with goodies, sneak peeks, and coupons!

Sew Yummy YouTube Tutorial:

Click the button below for a step by step tutorial featuring the Sew Yummy Block. Enjoy!

Blocks Released:

January – *will release December 2023

February – Sew Loving #sewlovingblock

March – Sew Lucky #sewluckyblock

April --- Sew Hoppy #sewhoppyblock

May - Sew Bloomy #sewbloomyblock

June - Sew Jammy #sewjammyblock

July - Sew Yummy #sewyummyblock

Be sure to share your monthly block progress using #yearofspoolsbom.

Any ideas for what the August block will be? Comment below with your guesses!

Year of Spools BOM:

New here and just getting started? Read more details about the Year of Spools BOM by clicking the button below. I hope you join us!

Happy Quilting,

Heather Briggs

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1 Comment

What a fun block! Thanks for the little tidbits of information. I'm a person who loves those and trivia and always want to know the why, how, wherefore of everything. You provided a lot of that!

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