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Year of Spools 2023 - October Block Sew Spooky

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The weather is starting to shift and I’m already starting to feel cool, crisp mornings. Ahhhh, have we made it to fall? Almost! I’m so excited to announce that the new October Year of Spools block, Sew Spooky, is now available. This block brings me back to my childhood. Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up. I loved getting all dressed up. In my early years, my family really went all out on dressing up for Halloween. My parents always had a work Halloween party to attend and they would come up with the cutest matching outfits. I have pictures, but I’ll save them the embarrassment. Getting dressed up was fun, but getting all the candy I could get while trick-or-treating without my parents saying “no” was priceless. Is there anything better on Halloween night than coming back home with a bucket filled to the top? Oh, the memories. One thing I would do when I got home was sort my candy into piles, chocolate vs. candy. You never want the chocolate to taste like candy. Did you do that, too?

I can’t talk about Halloween candy and not tell you my favorites. I love Snickers, Reese’s, and Tootsie Rolls. Those are my go-to candies and the ones I steal from my son after he returns from trick-or-treating.

The orange pumpkin bucket is a classic and I remember a time or two carrying it around while trick-or-treating. I went digging through some of my childhood pictures and I found the funniest picture. I’m dressed as a pumpkin and holding a pumpkin trick-or-treating bucket. So funny! I was about 4 years old in the picture. My older sister, Michelle is next to me in a bride costume.

Here are some other pictures I found of me dressed and ready to go trick or treating:

I loved Barney when I was a kid. I think I owned every VHS taping of every episode! My sister was Raggedy Anne.

My son also sported the halloween pumpkin bucket for many years as well:

This is by far my favorite halloween picture of him!

When coming up with the block theme for October, I was inspired by a classic pumpkin trick-or-treat candy bucket and just couldn't get my mind off of it. I thought it would be adorable to create the pumpkin faces inside the spools to stay with our spool theme. This block was so much fun to make and has so many opportunities for different color pumpkins. Lately, I’ve been seeing pink, blue, and green pumpkin buckets. So, if you're not a traditional Halloween colors kind of person, step outside of the “bucket” and add in some fun pops of color. The pattern also shows a block alternate with a plain pumpkin bucket, in case the faces spook you out too much. I hope you love this block as much as I do!

To purchase the October - Sew Spooky Block click the button below:

If you are an email subscriber, check your email for a fun coupon code. If you are not an email subscriber, scroll down to sign up to receive the coupon.

Email list:

While you do not have to sign up for this BOM, you will need to sign up for my email list in order to receive the 15% off coupon on each of the blocks when they release, the future block release dates, sneak peeks, free settings, and much more.

To save 15% off the Sew Spooky block, sign up for my email list now by clicking the button below. You will be directed to a new page where you will fill out your information. After clicking submit the coupon code will appear at the bottom. The text may be small and easy to miss. Enjoy!

Coupon details:

The coupon will expire on 9/29/23, so don't wait!

The coupon can only be used on the Sew Spooky block.

*You will need to sign up for my email list in order to get the coupon code. Already on my email list? No worries, you should have received an email from me with the code. If not, go ahead and fill out your information so you can get the coupon code. You will not receive my emails twice. I usually send emails two or three times a month. They are packed with goodies, sneak peeks, and coupons!

Blocks Released:

January – Sew Frosty #sewfrostyblock

February – Sew Loving #sewlovingblock

March – Sew Lucky #sewluckyblock

April --- Sew Hoppy #sewhoppyblock

May - Sew Bloomy #sewbloomyblock

June - Sew Jammy #sewjammyblock

July - Sew Yummy #sewyummyblock

August - Sew Sunny #sewsunnyblock

September - Sew Juicy #sewjuicyblock

October - Sew Spooky #sewspookyblock

Be sure to share your monthly block progress using #yearofspoolsbom.

Any ideas for what the November block will be? I’ll give you a hint–it will be Sew Spicy! Comment below with your guesses! The November block will be released Friday, November 3rd.

Year of Spools BOM:

New here and just getting started? Read more details about the Year of Spools BOM by clicking the button below. I hope you join us!

Happy Quilting,


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