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Year of Spools 2023 BOM - June Sew Jammy Block

The June block is now available! I told you it would be sweet. This block brings me back to my childhood. For many years, I would spend a few weeks during the summer with my grandparents in Arkansas. One of my favorite memories was their garden. They had the biggest personal garden I have ever seen. They had rows and rows of yummy produce. I enjoyed running up and down them and nibbling on a few of my favorite pieces. No ripe tomato was safe from me–I would eat them like they were an apple. I’ll never forget the moment I learned how a carrot grew. So cool! If you grew up on a farm or had a garden, I bet you have memories like mine. One thing I loved to do was shuck peas and beans. I’m sure my granny would have thought differently, but I just loved snapping those open and throwing them into the bowl. I would make a game of it. I don’t think my granny appreciated how many peas and beans I ate during the process, though. Most of the garden was filled with vegetables, but I can remember a few seasons where there were fruits, too. Canning and making jam was also something I watched my grandparents do. With that much fresh produce, there was plenty to store away for later. I can still picture walking into their house from the side door and to the left were shelves filled with mason jars. See some fun personal pictures below:

My granny in her garden. My dad said she was really proud of her tomato plants here. They are huge! Look at all those plants. They just kept going and going.

Every year, they would plant this huge garden. Can you imagine planting a garden like this? It was so fun to run up and down the isles in the summer every day.

My grandparents also had a little flower garden. There's my granny attending to her flowers. I wonder if this is where my love of flowers came from. I sure do love flowers!

Grandad and Granny posing for a picture in front of their truck. You can see some of their veggies popping up in the top left.

Ok, last one. Don't laugh too hard, but that little girl is me. I was a tomboy growing up! That handsome feller is my dad. He doesn't have the mustache anymore, but he still looks the same. You can see a little bit of their garden in this picture too.

That was so fun. I loved looking back at old pictures. My dad also had to send me a few.

When thinking about the design for the June spool block, I kept reminiscing on those childhood summer memories and an idea popped up in my head–a spool block that resembled a mason jar with jam! Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits and favorite jam, and with it being strawberry season here in South Carolina, I thought it would be the perfect theme for the June block. Do you agree? Spread some summer sweetness with the new Sew Jammy block.

I also have a little surprise for you. I couldn’t forget about other flavors of jams! So the Sew Jammy block has step-by-step instructions to make the block using pear, peach, and apple jam, too! You can pick your favorite flavor or make them all!

To purchase the June 2023 Sew Jammy Block:

If you are an email subscriber check your email for a coupon code. If you are not an email subscriber scroll down to sign up for the coupon.

Email List:

While you do not have to sign up for this BOM, you will need to sign up for my email list in order to receive the 15% off coupon on each of the blocks, for the release dates, sneak peeks, and free settings.

To save 15% off the Sew Bloomy Block, sign up for my email list now. You will be directed to a new page. The coupon code will appear at the bottom once you have filled out the form. Enjoy!

Coupon Details:

The coupon will expire on 6/9, so don’t wait.

The coupon can only be used on the Sew Jammy PDF.

*You will need to sign up for my email list in order to get the coupon code. Already on my email list? No worries, you should have received an email from me with the code. If not, go ahead and fill out your information so you can get the coupon code. You will not receive my emails twice. I usually send emails two or three times a month. They are packed with goodies, sneak peeks, and coupons!

Blocks Released:

January – *will release December 2023

February – Sew Loving #sewlovingblock

March – Sew Lucky #sewluckyblock

April --- Sew Hoppy #sewhoppyblock

May - Sew Bloomy #sewbloomyblock

June - Sew Jammy #sewjammyblock

Check out the past months blocks:

To purchase the May 2023 Sew Bloomy Block:

To purchase the April 2023 Sew Hoppy Block:

To purchase the March 2023 Sew Lucky Block:

To purchase the February 2023 Sew Loving Block:

Be sure to share your monthly block progress using #yearofspoolsbom.

Year of Spools BOM:

New here and just getting started? Read more details about the Year of Spools BOM below. I also made a quick link for you to be able to find all the blocks in one place on my website. Click the button below.

I am so excited to announce my 2023 BOM Sew Spool Series called Year of Spools. This BOM series will feature a monthly themed block that incorporates a spool. Each month, I will release the PDF pattern instructions for the block and in December 2023 I will release some fun free settings for you to turn your blocks into a quilt or other fun quilty projects. Because I started this BOM a few months into 2023, I missed the January block. I will release the January 2023 block when I release the December 2023 block and settings, so you will have a full set of 12 blocks. I’m really excited about this BOM and I cannot wait to see my Year of Spools quilt come together this year.

Here’s how it works:

Each month, I release a 14” finished themed monthly spool block pattern that is available as a low-priced PDF on my website. In my monthly newsletters, I announce when each block will release and even show a little sneak peek of the block. I will also announce each new block on my Instagram and Facebook page right before it releases. You can collect all of the blocks or just your favorites–it’s up to you. This is a fun low-pressure BOM!

Any ideas what the July block will be? It’s going to be celebrated with cuteness.

Comment below with your thoughts!

One last thing, are you team cornbread and milk? -My granddad's favorite.

Happy Quilting

Heather Briggs

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